Class IV Laser Therapy – 60 Watts

In 2005, Dr. Mike Snyder, D.C. became the first health practitioner in Orange County to offer High Power Class IV Laser Therapy. High Power Class IV Laser Therapy provides a non-surgical and painless treatment solution for even the most difficult neuromusculoskeletal conditions plaguing today’s patients. Dr. Mike uses the most powerful therapeutic laser on the market (60 Watts) to achieve medical outcomes from the laser’s ability to “bio-stimulate” tissue growth and repair up to 30-50% faster.


Back & Neck Pain


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Post Surgical

Heel Spurs/Plantar Fasciitis


TMJ Pain/Dysfunction


Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow

Chondromalacia Patellae (knee pain)

Peripheral Neuropathy



Over the last 40 years there have been over 2,500 research articles showing the safety of laser therapy and its positive physiological effects on impaired, inflamed, and/or injured tissue.

Class IV Laser Therapy

Physiological Effects of Laser Therapy

1. Accelerated Tissue Repair and Cell Growth

2. Faster Wound Healing

3. Reduced Fibrous (Scar) Tissue Formation

4. Decreases Inflammation

5. Analgesic Effect

6. Increased Vascularity

7. Improved Nerve Function

8. Reduces Muscle Spasm & Trigger Points

The above physiologic effects are achieved through:

1. Increased growth factor response within cells and tissue as a result of increased ATP and protein synthesis.

2. Increased cell metabolism and tissue growth

3. Accelerated cell reproduction and growth leading to faster repair of damaged tissues

4. Increased metabolic activity – via increase in enzyme outputs, oxygen and nutrient availability.

Unfortunately up till now the number one drawback for Laser Therapy was that Class III Lasers (a.k.a. cold lasers and low level laser therapy) were too weak to reach deep tissues making their effectiveness very limited for most conditions and in addition their beam circumference was too small. These low power concerns can now be put to rest. Less than 2 years ago the first and World’s Most Powerful F.D.A. cleared Class IV Therapeutic Laser was introduced. Prior to this laser depth of penetration averaged one half inch and beam diameter was limited to the size of a pencil eraser. Now with High Powered Class IV Lasers, depths of up to 6-9 inches of penetration and a treatment beam of 1-3 inches in diameter can be achieved. This therapy is a safe, non-invasive, non-ionizing healing light energy that provides an instant soothing sensation during the treatment. Average treatment times are only 10-15 minutes and most conditions see improved objective outcomes within 6-12 visits with most patients typically gaining relief within a few sessions.

Dr. Snyder is proud to offer this new medical technology along with Cornell Medical and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in addition to professional sports teams including the Boston Celtics, Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Orioles, New York Jets, Los Angeles Clippers and the Houston Rockets. This technology is also used by many world class athletes to get them back in the game quicker than ever before. The results are absolutely miraculous. For further information, to stop by for a demo of the laser or to arrange an appointment please feel free to contact me or my staff.

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