Degenerative Discs Treatment

Degenerative Discs Treatment

Degenerative Disc Disease is not a disease, but a wearing down of the vertebral discs. This thinning of the discs happens not only as we age but to injured spinal joints as well. When an injury to the spine occurs often times the vertebra misaligns (subluxates) and becomes stuck out of place. If it is stuck out of place this impedes the normal exchange of fluid and nutrients into the discs which is what keeps the disc healthy. Loss of fluid makes the disc thinner and narrows the distance between the vertebrae. Obesity, Smoking and repetitive heavy lifting also accelerate degenerative disc disease.

Degenerative Disc Disease

Misaligned vertebra don’t allow fluid to pump in and out of the discs, thus a loss of fluid occurs in your discs. Discs are made of fibrocartilage and act as spacers and cushions between the vertebrae. When discs degenerate the holes where the nerves exit the spine get smaller which leads to nerve irritation and pain. Degenerative disc disease can take place anywhere in the spine, but it most often occurs in the discs of the lower back and lower neck.

Subluxation Degeneration

In order to treat Degenerative Disc Disease it is important to restore movement and function in the vertebral joints so that proper nutrition of the discs can be maintained. Degenerative Discs Treatment may consist of Active Release Technique, High Power Laser Therapy, fixing Biomechanics, Ergonomics, Specific Gonstead Chiropractic Adjustments, Ice Therapy, Rehabilitative Exercises (Stretching & Strengthening) or even a referral to a medical specialist if needed.

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